skilled nursing

There are a lot of people living in senior living communities, and that number is constantly growing. According to ConsumerAffairs, the U.S. needs almost 1 million senior living units by 2040 to meet growing demand. If you’re considering a senior living facility with skilled nursing, here are five services they typically offer.

1. Meals

Nutrition is a key part of health for people of all ages, but it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet when you get older. Assisted living facilities offer meals that fit the diets of their residents, and meals can be tailored to fit the dietary restrictions of each individual resident.

2. Medication

A lot of seniors rely on medication, but they often have a hard time remembering to take that medication each day. Residents in senior living facilities are reminded about their medication, and they can get help taking that medication if they need it.

3. Housekeeping

Nobody should have to live in a messy environment, which is why senior living facilities offer housekeeping services. Keeping everything clean creates a better environment for residents, but it also makes it easier for the staff to take care of all their skilled nursing duties.

4. Skilled Nursing

Some seniors just need help with simple daily tasks, but others may have serious conditions that require special care. Skilled nursing addresses the unique medical needs of each resident to make sure they have the care they need based on their condition. If you or your loved one needs extra care, skilled nursing is a key service to look for.

5. Social Activities

As important as nutrition and medication are, seniors also need to live a somewhat normal life to maintain their mental health as they get older. Social activities are one of the key services offered in most assisted living facilities. From going on walks to playing simple games with other residents, there are plenty of opportunities for socialization in a good assisted living facility.

Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one can be difficult, especially if they’re looking for something very particular. Before you decide on an assisted living facility, you should read more about the services they offer and the staff they have on hand. If your loved one needs a caring and stimulating community, call Addington Place at College Harbor to find out more today.