As seniors age, it’s natural for them to want to move to an apartment, condominium, or senior living community. With fewer people in the house and looming health conditions or financial concerns, it makes sense to want to downsize to something smaller and more suitable to their needs.

But moving to a new home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Downsizing is an emotional and anxiety-inducing process, and without guidance, it can easily overwhelm the lives of seniors and their loved ones.

Before you sell your senior’s home, review these tips on downsizing a senior’s house to sell, so that your experience remains positive and stress-free:

  • Start Early. The idea of downsizing itself can be stressful, so starting early can be very helpful. This will give you as much time as possible to sort through the house, find a new home, and go through the selling process. People also love having this extra time to form new memories and go over cherished memories, photos, and other mementos in the house. Some consider these moments some of the most special they’ve shared with their seniors!
  • Prioritize Items. Once you start sorting through the house, you must prioritize the items you want to keep, the ones you want to donate, and the ones you want to throw away. What things do your senior use every day? What are their most cherished possessions? Is there anything in the home that can go to other family members and loved ones? What items will be provided in the new home, and what is in good condition? Take note of the items you absolutely should keep so that your senior has everything they need and value.
  • When your senior starts categorizing which items to prioritize, you may quickly notice that some of the more sentimental items and treasured items aren’t necessarily essential. And that’s okay! Just because they won’t use something every day doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep it; however, you may want to consider getting a storage space to keep all these prized possessions. Storage will protect these items from damage or from being misplaced while keeping them in a safe space where you can always retrieve them.
  • Another aspect that may help you determine how to downsize is the floor plan of your senior’s new home. Take a good look at each room’s dimensions, doors, and windows so that you know what exactly will fit in the new home. If you are still touring spaces, no worries! Most homes and apartments still offer exact or closely similar floor plans for you to consider.
  • Find an Agent. After going through the house, find an agent that can help you sell the house. They’ll be able to help with pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating, and much more. This is a huge factor in reducing the stress you have when downsizing your home. Agents are also your best shot at getting the best home price!


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