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An assisted living facility delivers care to residents in a residential setting. This can include temporary care for patients recovering from surgery or lifelong care for patients with dementia. According to Consumer Affairs, 7 out of 10 people will need assisted living care. Here are a few things to know about assisted living facilities in case the time comes.

Personalized Care

An assisted living facility will offer every resident personalized care. A care plan will be created based on the resident’s needs and conditions. This may include therapies, such as physical therapy, medication, and other things. For example, patients with dementia may benefit more from activities that stimulate cognitive development, which may be included in their care plan. Then, nurses and doctors will all work together to follow the care plan.

Residential Setting

Assisted living facilities provide a home away from home with cooked meals. Residents will have either a private or semi-private room. Many rooms also include a private bathroom. Residents can bring things from home with them, and there is space for decorations. An assisted living care facility strives to provide patients with the home they need, even when they can’t be at their actual home.


Patients aren’t required to stay in their room all day and are often encouraged to socialize. This is done by having a community room where patients can gather to talk with one another. On-site activities are planned for patients to enjoy and for patients who may not get out as much. Off-site activities are also encouraged so residents remember they are part of a community. We don’t want them to feel forgotten.

Daily Living

The most common thing you’ll find at every facility is that they assist with daily living activities. For example, residents may need assistance with bathing, basic hygiene, eating, and dressing. Nurses will remind patients to take medication on time, and aides can assist patients with difficulty getting out of bed. Facilities have ample staff to assist every patient with their needs.

Facilities provide long-term and short-term care to residents who cannot care for themselves. This includes care for patients of all ages and patients with various conditions. Contact Addington Place at College Harbor today if you’re interested in learning about our assisted living facility.