Retirement is a time of life we often look forward to – a time full of relaxing, traveling, and enjoying life to the fullest. However, with so much free time available, it’s easy for seniors to feel a little lost, especially without the numerous commitments you once had before retirement. Many seniors lose a sense of purpose without regularly scheduled things to get done. That’s why taking charge and finding things to fill your time during retirement is so important. 

Making a plan and finding things to do during retirement can help seniors feel more fulfilled in life, giving you a purpose and personal satisfaction as you get older. But there are so many more mental and physical benefits to doing this! Take a look at just a few of the reasons why living with purpose is essential during retirement: 

  • Stress Reduction. Because retirement can result in so much free time, seniors can often feel socially isolated and disconnected, leading to higher stress levels and, at times, depression. Making a list of things to do, reaching out to others, and spending meaningful time with friends, family, or the community can reduce these stress levels. 
  • Happiness. Having a purpose amplifies your happiness, pushing you forward on other days to do more positive things in your life while spreading happiness to others around you. When you actively engage in things that give you a sense of purpose, you have a more positive outlook on life, making you happier!
  • Delays Alzheimers. In a study following 1,000 people at an average age of 80, those with “high purpose” scores were 2.4 times more likely to be free of Alzheimer’s Disease than those with lower scores. They also showed slower rates of cognitive decline, which is often a precursor for Alzheimer’s. From this, we can conclude that doing things that give you purpose can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. 
  • Heart Disease. Engaging in activities that give you purpose often means more physical activity, at least on some level. Whether you’re joining a club, volunteering, attending an event, participating in social activities, or doing low-impact cardio (yoga, walking, biking, etc.), these involve a little more movement than you may typically be doing. This can lower the risk of developing heart disease. 
  • Self-Discovery. With a schedule filled with purposeful activities, seniors often discover new things about themselves. Because of this, some seniors feel they find out who they truly are during retirement. Helping others, volunteering in the community, and contributing to organizations are ways to discover your true passions and interests while feeling like you’re giving back to a greater society. 

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